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Chrissy was born in 1987 in a small room, in a small house, in a small town called Randwick. There were two parents, three older sisters, and one very special twin sister named Stef.

Chrissy & Stef belonged to a LARGE family who were loud, artistic, busy and loved little Steffy & Chrissy very much. She grew and grew and in 2006 studied Fashion Design at East Sydney Tech before embarking on a year of hard work and world exploration. But alas, she kept hearing the far off cries of creative study calling her home. She humbly returned to Sydney in 2008 to be educated in the Fine Art of Jewellery at CoFA.

In 2009 Chrissy packed up her suitcase and once again traveled to the other side of the world to study abroad in California. Immersing herself in sculpture and black & white photography, Chrissy’s love of making grew and grew. After returning to Australia and graduating with honors from the University of New South Wales in 2011, Chrissy worked for Australian-based jewellery designer Zoe Sernack and Travel Photographer Tony Sernack.

Since then, Chrissy has continued her studies in jewellery making and 3D design, started her own jewellery line – Christina Elleni, and now works as a web designer at Williams-Sonoma in San Francisco. She is working on expanding her creative talents, hosting craft nights with friends, making jewelery and HAVING FUN!

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