So my sister Zoë had her first baby on my American birthday (the US is a day behind Australia) last year and it was the greatest thing that has ever happened.

She is a ball of awesome. I love her more than anything.

So, when she was born and I was half way across the world, you can imagine how sad I was. So I started making her things. The first was a toy elephant and the second was this wall hanging.

Cleo is named after our great grandmother. Nana was an amazing dressmaker, designer and printmaker. One of my favorite prints of hers is a beautiful peacock tail pattern. So this was inspired by her. I hadn’t done a lot of embroidery before, so I bought this amazing book by Sublime Stitching, made some design alterations and got to work.

Photoshoot Fun

I love it when I’m home and get to have creative, fun sessions with my friends.

My good friend Zabrina Wong, is an amazing photographer & general creative.

Here are some sneak peeks from our latest shoot (on my parent’s roof in Coogee).

Sammy Jr.

My sister and her husband are having a baby in a few months and I couldn’t be more excited. Cleo (my first niece) is one of my favorite people in the world so I’m pretty excited that Eirini & Mark are making another favorite for me.

Eirini has a dog toy named Sammy. She’s had him forever and is very very loved.

I thought I’d make Sammy a little son. Introducing Sammy Junior!

The patterns are by Elf Pop and are awesome.

Colorblock Utensits

Another successful Crafternoon… well, evening.

Chickpea and lentil chips, hummus, salami, cheese, cider, painting, good company and great conversation.



I’ve been working with my friend Billie Whitehouse on some awesome 3D printed projects. Billie designed and prototypedfundawear in collaboration with Durex. She presented at a bunch of technology conferences around the US & Europe in 2013.

When Billie told me about the technology she was working with – Arduino boards and Arduino Lilypad boards & lights, I got so excited!

I’d been learning some basic coding on Codecademy and Treehouse and loved the idea of programing my own light show! Pretty cool that you can combine two of my favorite things – technology and hand crafting into a fancy wall hanging.

It was a little tricker than I had thought but very fun none the less. This was my first project on my own and I can’t wait to make more!


So a few months before Cleo was born, we had another addition to our family. My husband’s sister had a little baby boy – Harry.

He is such a little munchkin! So when I visited home a few months before Cleo was born, I thought it’d be fun to bring something home for my new niece and nephew.

I got bought the patterns from etsy and got to work. I don’t have any photos from the process but I do have these snaps of the final product…


Berries Berries Berries!

I went grocery shopping this week and berries were everywhere. That’s something I love about living in California, there are always great berries and reasonably priced. I’ve also been loving reading Brit + Co. So many great ideas and fun things to be made!

I used this recipe to make berry leather straps… and they were delicious.

Thanks Brit + Co!


Alemeda Antiques Faire has got to be one of my favorite places in the Bay Area.

Every time I go I come home with more pieces to repurpose into planter boxes. Here are a couple I made last time.


I saw a cool vintage-looking bedside lamp in the city last weekend (after going to Frozen Sing-A-Long!). It was expensive and I thought it’d be much more fun to try making something. So I ordered a few bits and pieces from Amazon and bought some wood from Home Depot. I’d do it a bit different next time but not bad for a first go.


Saturday was cooking day.

We made Haloumi, Almond Milk, Jam and Strawberry Compote.

We felt very Berkeley.

I think the strawberry compote was almost better than the jam. Less sugar, more spices and chunky! Yum. Perfect with yoghurt or homemade almond butter on toast.

The jam did turn out well though! We used a recipe from It’s fairly detailed so if you’re wanting to recreate our jam, just check out the recipe for all the details.

DIY Almond Butter

All you need to make almond butter is almonds and a food processor.

Awesome & delicious!