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Hana + Mark

This project  was a lot about client service. I was developing a brand but I was also learning about working with clients.

Hana + Mark are Aussies & are getting married in Thailand. All my consultations were via Skype & email


We started with moodboarding. This was particularly important part of the process with H+M. They are not visual thinkers and are not used to discussing design. I coached them in discussing and figuring out which elements of other design they likeded e.g. fonts, colors, illustration styles etc


I started with the logo design – the element that would permeate through every aspect of the design for their wedding and set the tone for the rest of our projects


I gave H+M a feedback template and had them send the logos out to their closest friends and family for input since they wanted it to really represent them. I took some of the feedback into consideration (and disregarded some suggestions that didn’t fit with our vision). Peer feedback was a good way to know for sure we were heading in the right direction, and also a great way to clarify their vision.


We narrowed it down to three logo options


Before landing on our Final Branding. It was very helpful to show them all the elements that would be used in different aspects of their design suite. It was also helpful to keep me on-track & on-brand moving forward with the rest of the designs.


As I mentioned earlier, M+H have a hard time visualizing concepts. I knew that rough hand sketches like I’d shown other clients, wouldn’t be enough so they had to be semi-polished. This was the first round of near-final invitation options I presented them with.


For round 2 I created a more rustic feel. This really appealed to their personal aesthetic and also to the style of wedding they were planning.


After the invitations, we moved on to website. H+M prefered bolder colors & design for the website so we incorporated the rustic elements of the invitation with some of the bold elements of our initial sketching. The website building/customizing was easy to do for this project as I had ample practice with other clients and I have now taken an html & css course that was invaluable.