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Even though this page is quite simple, I’m proud of it because of the difficult conditions in which it was forged. This project came to me unexpectedly two days before it needed to launch. Creative assets and copy arrived for the first time 48 hours pre launch, and within those 48 hours I had a desktop and mobile web page, 12 brand history content banners, 12 new shop hero banners, and 2 content banners approved by the Vice President of Williams-Sonoma and coded. I collaborated with four different teams to gather content and a single engineer to slice and code it in HTML. It was a hectic two days but the plan we put in place held strong and the end result was a great balance of polish and pragmatism that is now the design team’s high watermark for fast turnaround projects.

The Setup

We had previously launched a “European Cookware Guide” that had increased our cookware sales and added distinction to our brand identity. The business team decided that a “European Cutlery Guide” would be a great addition to the Fall launch to get customers excited about our incredible collection of Knives. I needed to gather copy and visual assets from our merchandising team and copywriters and present it in a clear and appealing way, encouraging customers to click through and purchase.

The Fun Part

I used our European Cookware Guide assets as inspiration and direction to make sure I stayed on-brand. I created two wireframe layout options for the desktop page, and an icon and logo to use as branding throughout the suite. I wanted the guide to feel classic, elegant and beautiful and to showcase our fantastic photography while also highlighting the twelve brands’ histories.

After finally wrangling all content for the page I inserted the copy and images into my wireframes, made some edits to match the photo styles, and quickly evaluated which layout was the most clear and successful design. This also needed to work as a mobile version. To ensure exposure to all 12 brands on mobile meant cutting the copy significantly and making the type and images larger to encourage click-throughs.

The final challenge was busting out all the banners and other small collateral needed all over the site to tie the story together and bring the customer back to the central landing page and then onto shopping. All of these pieces needed to feel concurrently cohesive, unique and beautiful.

The Goods

After gathering feedback from our merchants, creative director, and copywriters and making some small revisions, I was able to deliver all the necessary assets to our coding team, help test the functionality of it and make sure it was user-friendly.

On Reflection

I would’ve liked to have been more adventurous with my layouts, trying some different options but, as we were so strapped for time, there was no room to play.

Similarly, I think we could’ve been more adventurous with the content, adding some beautiful graphics or maybe a graphic buying guide if we had had the time.

Whenever we can we should give ourselves time to not just tick the boxes, but push the envelope through more explorations and revisions. I share this here as an example of my ability to quickly generate beautiful designs and time pressure and within specific limitations.

While I can’t share specific details, the project encouraged sales and click-throughs at and above the target rates, but I look forward to next time when we can give this kind of project the love and creativity it deserves!

Project Overview:

European cutlery content page – Desktop + Mobile versions: A “content” page highlighting our top 12 european cutlery brands and exploring their history. This page links to 12 “brand shop” pages

Brand Shop Cat Hero: Beauty shot of the specific brand’s range of products with information about the brand’s history.

Logo: Sticking to our brand style but creating something new. I created an icon that could be used in the logo and throughout the site to brand the “European Cutlery”

Shop Path Banners: are placed throughout the site and redirect the customer to the main European Cutlery content page.


I am on the ecommerce creative team at Williams-Sonoma. I create collateral for emarketing, design web pages and make promotional emails.